Are you an artist? Let us help you be more creative and save you time!

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Never miss another tax deduction when filing your receipts with the HMRC for your Self Assesssment again.

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Artists? Let us help you be more creative!

Being an artist isn't easy. You are the business, and every move you make has a consequence. When it comes to your Self Assessment with the HMRC it can take a lot of time, effort and even money from you.

We all know time is incredibly precious and needs to be used productively, that is why you need things to be done quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

1tap receipts has been created with that in mind. It's straightforward, intuitive and makes running your business much easier. Whenever you have a receipt, either paper or digital in an email, just photograph it with your mobile or forward on your email, then we do all the work for you.

1tap receipts extracts all the key information from your receipts, such as the amount, categories, dates and supplier then files them, ready for your HMRC Self Assessment form.

On top of that, we are connected to some of the UK's top accounting firms, so you can instantly share your receipts with your accountants in real-time. No more chasing around, gathering your receipts and sending them to your book keeper.

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