1tap receipts - simple solution to claiming expenses for self employed

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Your Receipts
Owe You Money.

Automatic Data Extraction and Bookkeeping,
Your solution to claiming expenses

Your Receipts
Owe You Money.

How It Works

I tend to lose receipts quite a lot... now it’s just in one place which makes my life and my accountant’s life so much easier.
AvatarAlana Wallace, Model
It works out everything for my tax return. It’s like ridiculously simple. It just made my life a lot easier.
AvatarChristopher Morgan, Marketing
Literally, a job that use to take days and days is now taking seconds which is an absolute godsent.
AvatarEmma, Musician
1tap has helped me by saving me hours and hours worth of work. I can now use that time in order to do other things with my business.
AvatarRichard Knight, Masseuse
I normally find tracking my expenses and keeping my books a bit of a chore, but since using 1tap it has never been easier.
AvatarRitch Dervey, Personal Trainer
Simply put, 1tap is basically the future of keeping receipts for your tax records.
AvatarSean, Videographer

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