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What if your expenses were automatically categorised within 1tap without you having to do anything? Use it today, and 1tap money will retroactively add payments made with your 1tap money Mastercard once this feature is ready.

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How 1tap money can help your business save

3 in 4 sole traders pay more tax than they should, with 1tap money you’ll easily claim everything you can.

  • No UK ATM fees
  • 0% commission on FX when using the card abroad
  • Free replacement and supplementary cards
  • Free card account created explicitly for self-employed
  • Prepaid or credit card
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Instant reminder to ensure you capture every receipt.
1tap money will instantly categorise your expenses each time you make a purchase ready for your self-assessment. You’ll then get a reminder to snap the receipt for your records, so you won’t forget about any. Use it today, and 1tap money will retroactively add payments made with your 1tap money Mastercard once this feature is ready. (Coming soon)

Capital on tap is a great business resource. It means I can separate all my payments and tie in my invoices and receipts with the account.
It makes calculating tax easier and my accountant much happier. The card is a good idea also and I can use it abroad and so on.
Very handy NO FEES and contactless to boot. Nice one Capital On Tap. Good amount of top ups too. Couldn't be happier!

Special offer for a limited time

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All customers that are approved for a credit limit are required to create a direct debit during the account setup. Payments are automatically scheduled on the due date, so you won’t miss one. We also send out an email and a text closer to the payment date to remind you.

If you opt for the prepaid card you can top up anytime.

Credit approval subject to a soft quotation search of your personal credit file – Limits may vary based on your credit profile. Eligible Limited Companies can gain access to an initial credit line automatically. Card purchases are interest-free for up to 37 days when the balance is paid in full each month. Interest applies to deferred payments and withdrawals. The 1tap Mastercard is managed online by New Wave Capital Limited, trading name of Capital on Tap.

New Wave Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reference number 625592. The card is issued by Valitor hf. whose principal office is Laugavegur 77, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Valitor hf. is authorised and regulated by the Icelandic Financial Services Authority as a credit institution (registered number 500683-0589) and regulated in the UK by the FCA (reference number 537475) to issue electronic money in the UK pursuant to a services passport operating under the EC Banking Consolidation Directive. The Card is the property of Valitor hf. and is not transferable. Valitor hf. is licensed as a principal member with MasterCard. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and thecircles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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